Dai Toscani Restaurant

Our restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Rome for its specialties from Florentine and Tuscan cuisine.



Always frequented by the most famous personalities in the world, Italian cinema, Hollywood, theater and politics.

Come and find out which famous people have eaten here …


Our restaurant ensures food of the highest quality, thanks to the commitment of our suppliers – who are exclusively Tuscan – as well as personal friends of the owners, who are also proud to be represented in Rome.


Florentine Atmosphere

Dai Toscani Restaurant, in Rome in Via Forlì 41, is an unmissable stop for lovers of typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition.

For 60 years, Dai Toscani has been one of the most famous restaurants in Rome of Lastra a Signa Tuscan cuisine.

In the strictly Florentine atmosphere, full of affectionate interest for the much loved clientele, the ritual of a beautiful Tuscan food is fulfilled.

With the typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine: grilled meat, grilled specialties, Florentine steaks, à la carte wines.

Grilling all dishes, especially Florentine steak, Chianina meat and Tuscan grilled meats.

Quality of typical Tuscan products such as 100% Italian and Tuscan oil, Tuscan biscuits, artisan pasta and Tuscan Carli pasta, certified Chianina meat, Brigidini di Lamporecchio in Tuscany, Biscottificio di Mattei di Prato, swine meat as known as Cinta Toscana.

chianti classico
prodotti e cucina toscana in un ambiente elegante 2

Whoever cooks with love

nourishes also the heart and soul.


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